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Equitas Health - Affirming Care for All

If you haven't noticed already, we are taking health seriously this year at Hillsboro Pride in the Park! We are excited to announce another sponsor and partner to Hillsboro Pride Ohio, Equitas Health!

1981 was the year healthcare changed for the queer community as a new disease began to rampage through friends, family, lovers, and neighbors. HIV/AIDS in its infancy was a scary and life ending disease with no known prevention, cure, or treatment. In 1984, in the face of this new threat to humanity and health, a grassroots movement started throughout the state of Ohio to provide comfort, seek treatment, and ultimately end the epidemic before it could end us.

In 1984, a grave new threat knocked on humanity’s door. We answered the way humans have throughout history: United and ready to fight.

Relatively little was known about HIV/AIDS at the time. But we knew our loved ones in the LGBTQ community were getting sick and dying, and we knew the resources in our battle were lacking.

So we gathered in living rooms and around kitchen tables, caring for the sick in any way we could. Soon, this grassroots movement spread across the state and a collective formed. A flicker of hope was ignited.

Today, we have a new name, and our mission has grown in scope to providing healthcare for all.

We’re still united and even stronger in our collective power.

With locations all across the state, Equitas has expanded their reach and their treatment offerings to aid in truly providing "affirming care for all." While the start was in kitchens and living rooms in response to HIV/AIDS, they now have health centers and pharmacies that assist in varying forms of care including physical health, mental health, and dentistry.

It can be easy to focus solely on HIV/STIs in our small town, especially when many of us grew up hearing about STIs as a scare tactic against sexual relationships of any kind. With Equitas Health, your wellness journey is more than just your sexual wellness journey. We firmly believe that having a healthcare provider you feel safe with and seen by is the first step to truly affirming care. Fear of judgement or shame should never factor into your wellness journey, and that's why Equitas is so important and helpful for many within the LGBTQ+ community. If you don't have a Primary Care Provider, or if you feel like a change in your treatment would enhance your overall wellbeing, check out Equitas and see if they are the fit for you.

Ultimately, our goal is that YOU know you aren't alone here in Hillsboro. There are safe people, places, and organizations available to you and to all of us.

If you have more questions about Equitas Health, what they do, or how you can utilize their resources in your wellness journey, please visit them at You'll be glad you did!

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